Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter 23 - 9/6/10

What a great week!

This week has been such an incredible blessing. I know for sure that we have received so much help in bringing people to church and getting the members involved in befriending. I really can't even describe the huge change this program has had. We're actually able to have more than one back up plan for each hour. When I first got here I think we started the sacrament meeting with 15 people. By the time we started the Sacrament this week we had 51. I'm just so amazed at what we've been blessed with in these last few weeks with this program. I know for a fact this is only from much help from the Lord. We were able to have 7 investigators come to church and they all had really good experiences. One family in particular, Famlia Manzaba, were really interested during the meeting and during a lesson about the families the mom, Mirella, started to cry. I think we have a pretty good platform to teach the law of chastity and put a marriage date. They're an incredible family, and I know they will thrive with the blessings that will come, and love the relationships that are beginning to form.

We had the two baptisms this week! Diana Ordóñez was on friday because she didn't want anyone there. To be honest there are a whole slew of missionaries whose jaws would hit the floor if we told them that she accepted a baptismal date, let a lone showed up to the baptism, let alone got in the water. On Sunday Elder Richins and I had a split to be able to bring more investigators to church. We started the Sacrament meeting and he wasn't there. After a while he showed up and looked totally fried. He told me that he was at the house of Diana literally begging and pleading with her to come to church to get confirmed. She didn't want to go because she didn't want to have to sit in front of everyone. They prayed and he pleaded more. She told him several times that she wasn't going to go ...period, finally she came. When they called her to the front I honestly thought she was going to stay in her seat, but she got up. It was absolutely incredible. It was for sure her time and she really has changed a lot. Her "light" has grown in these last few weeks.

Luis also was baptised and confirmed. This guy is absolutely incredible. He has this powerful aura and now a huge smile. He is some one who was fully prepared to receive the Gospel and it's such a pleasure to teach him. We're going to start teaching the family this week hopefully.

Well this has been a great week of experiences and blessings. I love this sector and this ward, and I LOVE serving as a missionary.

I love you all and hope everyone has a great week.

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