Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter 10 - 5/4/10

So last Tuesday who came to speak at our fireside? L. Tom Perry. Yeah, that's what's up. Two Apostles in my stay at the MTC. My favorite part was were he told a story about a man that worked for the Harris family. Martin Harris was a very old man at the time, and bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and that he saw and handled the plates to this boy, Willy. Willy was then the man who related this testimony to L. Tom Perry's young men's group, and he then told it to us. What was crazy to think about was the testimony of only two people separated me from Martin Harris.

The next day, Wednesday, I hosted the new missionaries. It wasn't super cool, but it was kind of a trip to see where I was only a few weeks ago. It was also really weird to watch the "band-aid method" with the families, because they would watch their missionary walk away and their look on their face at times was like, "That's it?" I felt bad, but those missionaries are going to experience some awesome things. I only wish the families knew.

Also on Wednesday it was our first day with Hermano Hidalgo. Man he is so cool! The lessons he give are things I need so badly. The regular structured lessons are great, but he gives us stuff that I really need to hear. We were talking about getting the members to help out in the work, but many are very apprehensive because they don't want to offend their friends. I was in that same boat. I really wanted to share the gospel with my friends, but I didn't know how to teach or what to do. He just said, "Ask them to go make a friend. Invite them into their lives. Show those friends how the Gospel affects your life just by example, and at times invite them to activities like basketball or homemaking etc. And eventually, if they’re ready, invite them to a sacrament service. Let them be interested in the Gospel because of how you live, and just let the missionaries do the teaching." In essence, members don't need to proselyte, just fellowship. Leave the proselyting to the missionaries, It's their job. I really wish I had known that before. So much would've been different, but I guess I can just hope those opportunities are still around. So everyone, go make a friend and be an example.

Thursday I got my flight plans!!!! AH! I'm so CVNEONroSJefuIDHFO-ing excited! (Note: Mom has no idea what this means. Adam sent no translation.) It was seriously the most exciting day yet. Ecuador feels so close now! O man, it was so great. I was so excited that I seriously yelled in the mail room because I couldn't hold it in. Then when my district got back to our room we all freaked out. O man, such a good day. I leave on Monday morning at 5, and my first flight takes off at 8:15. I have two lay-overs though. One in Dallas and on in Miami.

Hey fun fact. I found out they actually do have missionaries placed out in the Galapagos. That's be so sweet to be sent there.

Ok, so there's this thing that's kind of started in our district. One day my comp, Elder Poepelmeier, and I were walking to class and just to mess around I cut him off and yelled "Koreaned!" In reference to the dirty Korean speed skaters in the winter Olympics. Well it eventually turned into a district wide thing that we'll cut someone off going up stairs or something and yell "you got Koreaned!" or my personal favorite "Consider yourself Koreaned!" But I try and go for a clean pass which we call "Onos" and say "Oh No! You just got Ono-ed!" So Monday, yesterday, I koreaned Elder Anderson on the way back to the room and was going for a pass on Elder Eastburn. Right as we get off the stairs there are these double doors that are open during the day but closed at night. So Elder Eastburn is running through the doorway and tries to shut the doors behind him. I was still hunched a bit because I wasn't fully out of my stairwell running stance. So I was sprinting with all of my body weight forward as the door just suddenly showed up in my way. I heard a loud BOOM and it took me a second to wonder why I went from forward velocity to (literally) flying backwards, feet way in the air. So I'm laying on the ground, clutching my face, wondering if my face is open, but still laughing because I literally ran into a door. Elder Anderson walked up just as I was flying and thought I was just playing around so he walked right by me, haha. It hit my jaw just beneath the temple of my forehead, so luckily for that, but I have a fat knot. I'll see if I can get good pictures of it. Then throughout the day I was quoting Tommy Boy. "Hey do I have a mark on my face?" It doesn't hurt here. Not so much up here, but right here." Haha! good times.

So randomly on Sunday I started collecting ways to say "I believe in Christ" in different languages. I have maybe 10 right now, I'm going to see how many I can get before I leave. It's so awesome! I'm probably going to study languages the rest of my life.

So the scripture I want to share is more of an activity. So read 2 Nephi 4: 17-19 and think of all the things that bring you down in life, or feeling that you don't want anymore. Then read, out loud, verses 20-23 and 27-30 of the same chapter and think of the difference in casting off those feelings, and especially giving no place for the "enemy of your soul" and find the peace that we all deserve. It's a really powerful scripture.

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