Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter 13 - 5/24/10


This week has been crazy. We had five almost seven baptismal dates this week, but we went to visit one of the families and their kids told us they don't want to be baptized. So we had to drop their date. What didn't help was that the Mom, right in from of the kids, told us that the daughter is super rebellious, lies to her all the time, and that she thinks Satan is talking in her daughter. So we're going to sit down with just the kids and talk to them about how they feel about it and their concerns, worries, doubts and such without the parents present. I feel bad because the parents know it is true and want to be baptized so badly (they're working on being legally married), and they have a huge desire to progress while their kids don't want to be baptized. We had to explain the whole thing about agency and that the kids have to want to be baptized. So we'll see what happens.

Side note. There's this kid in the cyber that's by me and he's playing a video game and keeps taking out loud to himself, with a lot of random sounds and an occasional English phrase (cuss words, I think).

Back on track.

Interesting things I saw this week were two bus robberies almost right outside our window, and a dead dog that had had it´s stomach ripped open so all of it´s vitals were just hanging out. There´s always dead animals in the street, but this one was really special. For sure a gold medal winner. It was like something out of a horror movie.

I´m starting to adjust to place and like it. I’ll never adjust to the smells, but I've just accepted it now. They have these stores that have all these religious names, probably so they feel like they can justify themselves. My favorites are "the Heart of Christ" and "The Will of God" (because of course the will of God is for them to work on Sunday and sell alcohol). Also, they really really want to pretend they´re American. For the most part it really hasn't helped them. They just have uncontrollable trash problems because they´re semi-developed. All the houses are made of cinder block, even the nicer ones, and have aluminum siding roofs, with a bunch of exposed re-bar and wires. I love it though. I´m in a third world area and on p-days I can go to the rich area and by all the American-ish products.

I think my favorite are the buses. They´re absolutely insane. They go the same speed on the freeway as they do on regular roads. They drive and stop within a foot of everything at any speed. On Thursday I had to take a bus to a busy area, and there were so many buses and it was like they were racing around each other trying to pick up people and still not be slowed down by the other buses. Imagine the video game "crazy taxi", but buses mixed in with bus-style roller derby. That´s the Ecuadorian bus system.

On a more spiritual note, there are these two little kids that we met and have been teaching, Andrea, who is 13, and Renny, who is 9. They are so awesome. The first lesson was just with Andrea and she was completely absorbed in what we were teaching. The next time we came for a check on her reading she hadn't read, but Renny, her cousin (i think) sat in. We shared a quick message and they both said they would read. I was gone on a exchange when Elder Robinson went back. When he asked if they read they both had, and Renny was able to say exactly what went on. When Elder Robinson asked if they prayed and received an answer they had and Renny said he heard a voice telling him it was true. I was so excited to hear that. When I went back to teach them the Plan of Salvation, Renny made some pretty deep comments. These are really special kids. It´s easy to tell that Andrea is so receptive to these things by nature, and Renny has an incredible understanding for not knowing anything before. It shows how much more in tune children are with the Spirit. Man, it was just so cool to be able to teach these kids. They´re two of our baptismal dates. We have five right now! It´ll be a lot of work to maintain that, but I’m stoked for it.

So I don't have a scripture again, which stinks because I've read some good stuff this week. I'll be sure to have one next week.

I love you all. bye!

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