Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter 25 - 9/27/10

Obispo Solano
Noche de amigos (the night before I got my change call)
Familia Baqui right after the call
I read about the Savior in Isaiah. When you process what he says verse by verse there're some truly powerful scriptures. I really like what he says about being carved in the palms of his hands. (Isaiah 49:14-16) That's really cool.

Yup the kids all got baptized. I stopped by for a little bit to see them, but it was too hard. It was really difficult to see my little ward all there and not be able to really be with them so I congratulated them and when they said they missed me I got a little choked up and thought, "you have no idea!" haha. They struggle a lot. The bishop is trying the best that he can. Elder Richins was telling me that the bishop went on visits with him this Sunday and that the bishop got choked up because he's really doing all that he can for that ward. I only wish I was still there to help them out. It's ok though, I'm obviously needed somewhere else. I'll always remember them though.

The tough thing right now is that I want to be able to do a lot. Especially now that I have the chance to apply some of my ideas, but right now I feel so turned around. I'm expected to guide the program, but I honestly feel like I'm in a completely different world, and all I did was cross the street. I want to work very closely with the members. 7 de Septiembre (the new area) has a lot of leaders and it would be great to be able to work very closely with them. The only problem is that I think they're so used to having baptisms with out doing anything that they're stuck in that mode, but I've been watching 7 de Septiembre for the last 4 months or so and people get baptized, but kind of weave in and out. I really don't want that to happen. There are a lot more members here than Independencia which could be really great. I think I'm freaking myself out with trying to get the most of the sector as possible. We had three investigators at church yesterday, which is nice, but I feel like we could've done better. We really going to stress general conference next week, and also prep people for church attendance the following week, because that really is the most important thing.

Elder Márquez has had some difficulties lately, but we've talked and things are getting better, we know now what I need to do to make him feel a little more oriented, and I'm really grateful for this opportunity to learn more patience, I know it'll help me a lot. I really think that I'm here not to be "senior comp" but to help out Elder Márquez patiently, but still be working hard. Especially if we keep talking about our needs I think this will be a really good change.

As far as the work goes this week, we're visiting some really good people, people who are truly looking for the truth or willing to follow their response to the Book of Mormon. There's one guy, Douglas, who sincerely is looking for the true church. He asks very sincere questions as he reads or listens to us. He's a really cool guy, we just need to get him to church, and especially get a friend for him and for his wife. I really think after that they're set. Cool fact is that I actually found his wife and son on and interchange with Elder Márquez last change. The wife wants to get baptized. Especially after she heard the testimony of Sara Guamán, a recent convert, of how she got an answer to the Book of Mormon. Monica, the wife, identified with her response and realized that it truly was sincere and accepted a baptismal date. So it'll be cool being able to baptize someone already that I actually helped find. We're also teaching the last of the daughters of a lady, Jenny Guamán that got baptized two weeks ago and a family friend. They also have baptismal dates, and the friend is going with us to the priesthood session of conference. I'm actually really excited for that. I know he'll love it.

Yesterday we had a pretty cool experience just walking down the street. We saw these two chicks on a vespa rip around a corner. The one on the back Lone Ranger jumped off the vespa before it stopped and walked over to a couple that was out for a stroll. When the couple realized who she was the guy went into a robot state of denial mode and tried to keep walking. The girls erupted into a flurry of "Oh no you didn't!" movements and screaming things that I'm sure you wouldn't find in the missionary Spanish-English dictionary. Sadly they turned the corner so we didn't see any flying fists, but it was probably the coolest Latin Jerry Springer Street Show ever. Two points for Ecuador. hahaha.

Well I'm off. Hope you all have a great week. I'll be thinking and praying for you.

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