Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter 27 - 10/11/10

Elder Márquez, me and Elder Richins

Well today was pretty tight. We went over to the house of the missionaries in the sector right next to 7 de Septiembre. They live in a ridiculously nice house with the exception of the fact that it's tilted. You can feel a huge slant in the floor because something gave way underneath. They got the keys to go out on the balcony and we barbecued up there to celebrate Elder Richins and Elder Bigelow's birthday. Elder Bigelow's from the other sector, Eden. It was pretty tight. I made these jalapeño and cheese burgers that were really good. I'm not used to eating that much meat, let a lone grease, so I still feel a little woozy, but it was cool to actually do something this weekend and just go chill with some other missionaries.

As far as the actual week goes it went well. We had six people in church which is a good, sturdy number. We didn't find a bunch of people this week because we spent a lot of time inviting people to an activity that we held. We invited everyone, especially the leaders. No one showed up except the youth and young adults. It was this question game. I thought it was going to turn out pretty rough, especially because I was beat tired, but I tried to still put on a show and we still had a good time. We had two investigators come and afterwards we went to their house for a dinner. Afterwards the kids all stayed and hung out, which was awesome for those investigators to be able to make friends in the ward.

I feel pretty excited about the baptisms that are coming up. All of them are people where I started their teaching. So I don't feel like I'm coming in and robbing someone's baptism. I'd feel really awkward counting that as one of mine. Then again, none of them are really mine. There are so many other influences that go into someone's conversion, most importantly the testimony of the Book of Mormon by the power of the Holy Ghost, that I honestly just feel like the finisher. Almost like the guy that kinda does the final sweeping after a huge party. I'm really grateful for this role though, because here I get to see so much spiritual growth and the start of someone's testimony. It's really cool to watch as someone gives nourishment to their "seed of faith" and then see how they're actually willing to do something with that faith. It's seriously possible to have six baptisms this month, but we're going to push for eight. There's some really good people that are willing to progress so it'll be great to see how that turns out.

Cool note. I found where 2pac's been hiding. I saw him this week in my sector over by a member's house. He seems to be doing fine. I little malnourished, but he's for sure alive. He really likes playing volleyball. I'm thinking about challenging him to a freestyle contest see if he's rusty or not. haha

Stuff has kinda gotten to me this week. I've felt pretty down, and also because I really don't know what to do as senior comp. I really want to do well and do everything I can, but I always feel like I'm lacking. The baptisms are giving me a lot of excitement, but it's still been a rough transition. I'm trying to learn by doing and I know it'll take a while to fully get the hang of it, but I really don't like not knowing. I just got keep pressing forward.

I found a pretty awesome scripture. Alma 26: 27 not that I was thinking about going home or anything, but it really is true. In you most difficult moments we will always be comforted, as long as we always turn to Him.

Love you all a bunch! have a great week

Elder Vuinovic

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