Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter 28 - 10/18/10

Mas del Bautismo
Baptism of Hna Abril Ordoñez
First of all, last night these people below us were having too much fun with their music. Their singing was the worst. I'm fully convinced that drunk people and music do much more damage than drunk people and cars.

So today we had our cleaning. The entire week we've had this gnarly smell in our kitchen and an army of fruit flies in the entire house. It's been soooooo annoying. Well, I cleaned the kitchen this week. We cleaned out the trash bins thinking that the banana peels were the source of the flies. No. I found a bag of super old, super rotten plantains. They were in liquid form and fermented. Hence the stench and the fruit flies. Man it was so gross. It was like a huge bag of snot. Forgive me for being too graphic.

This six months thing hasn't really sunk in. It was just a normal day in the mission. That's the way it should be though. Things are going pretty well. It's the last week of the change and if all goes well we'll be having four baptisms this week. We'll be completing the Ordoñez family (Finally!) which will be a huge blessing to be a part of, and the three nephews of José Albuja will be getting baptized. I´m really excited for this week. I would honestly be totally fine staying here for another change. I love watching this ward grow.

This week there was a four day conference for the senior comps and the zone leaders. So I stayed and worked my sector and with another elder, Elder Márquez, in his. He was having a really rough time with his mission so we spent more time in his sector and by the end of the week he was feeling a lot better. We found some good people and I talked to him a lot about just stuff. It felt really good.

A really cool experience this week was that at the start of the week I really didn't feel good. I felt semi trunky (homesick) and kind of out of it, and I really didn't like it. So finally I just prayed and right as I asked for help getting back on track I felt so much better, and love from my Father in Heaven. When I finished praying I felt recharged and we finished off with a really good day. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and I truly know that it is that direct communication with our Father in Heaven, and that we all should pick up the line a little bit more.

Love you all and have a great week!

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