Friday, November 5, 2010

Letter 26 - 10/4/10

Chillin during the lockdown
Wow this week was crazy!

First of all, we only really worked two days this week because on Thursday the Police went on strike. So what happens when there aren't police in one of the most dangerous areas of one of the most dangerous cities of the world? Oh yeah it happened. Chaos was unleashed. Somehow we made it back to th house not knowing of anything that was going on. We were at the chapel about to do a service project, but I needed to confirm a doctor's appointment. So we passed through the market, which looking back was a little more than excited, and the Tía (which is this chain grocery store that is everywhere.) I got back to the house and called the office and the nurse said, "I don't think you are supposed to be leaving the house.  Didn't you get a call?" ..... "No. Why, What's going on?"  Well, the Police decided they wanted more from the government. They came out with a list of demands and everything. So we were calling all the members we could to get the other missonaries that lived with us back home. When they finally got there they told us of all the stuff that was going on. It was absolutely insane. People walking around with knifes and stopping cars to rob them of everything, people walking around with eight women's purses. Seriously madness. Someone broke into the Tía by our house and almost the entire sector ran to the Tía to suck it dry. This one guy on our street made at least four trips. We saw people with lights, shelves, and even the boxes to store your bags. It was a perfect Grinch moment. So because of all the mayhem we were locked up in the house for two days.

So during the two days we just read and studied. I found a whole bunch of scriptures that prove that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are three separate beings and that Jehovah is Jesus Christ. It really is incredible how obvious it is. It's sad that people get caught up in one scripture and base all of their doctrine around it, but now I have more references to share with people

So Conference... Awesome!  It was hard listening to translators and not the voices of the Brethren. That was pretty hard. I heard them for a little before the translator started talking, then got all excited, but then it cut. I thought about how deprived I really felt because I couldn't hear their voice and the care and love that they truly carry, and thought a lot about how marvelous it'll be when we hear the Voice of our Father and the purest love that he has for us. It was a pretty deep experience for me. I really look forward to that day where I can look my Savior in the eyes, try to thank him, and then see my Father again. To be honest I´m grateful that I can't remember the pre-existence. I experience a little bit of homesickness right now in the mission and I couldn't imagine how homesick I'd be if I could remember that.

I'm very grateful for this Gospel that gives me those little reminders and hints that He truly is there and loves us all. I'm also so thankful for The leaders that spoke at the Conference and shared that love with the whole world. I'll be honest there was this one translator who used the "zeta" which is essentially Spanish with a lisp. I can't describe how much I already disliked it, but trying to listen to a Conference talk and feel the Spirit was not easy with that going on. I honestly had the desire to punch myself in the face to see if the pain the lisp was causing would go away. Even worse was that guy did two of the talks.

The investigators loved conference. We took these two young guys, Angel Rodriguez and Erick Sanchez, to the Priesthood session (in white shirt and tie!) and they really like it. They're totally going to be missionaries. They've been asking questions about it stuff already. I'm SOOOOO exited for them. Also we took the Vera family to the morning Sunday session. The husband who is honestly looking for the truth said he loved the remarks from the Prophet and said the Monson is a man of great faith. I could tell he was really moved by it. The wife said she really like the Prophet's remarks also and the stuff about marriage being forever and that it's a promise for a family for all of our lives, and I thought "and even for a little bit longer." I'm excited to be able to teach them about eternal families tomorrow night.

Well that's pretty much the week. I was reading in John a lot and I loved reading the words of Christ. We were talking during the lock down about a lot of stuff, and how many things are actually a sin. I was really hit by that. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. I know I'm not perfect, but I thought I was doing a whole lot better than I really was. There are just things that are because I live like a human. I never really understood how much of "sinners" we really are. Not necesarily because we want to be, but just are. And then after realizing that I really am so imperfect, and reading a lot in John, I understood so much more profoundly the concept of a perfect man and that Christ alone was the Perfect Man. I find it almost incredible that we believe even that. I am so humble at our Savior's awesome and perfect sacrifice. I feel so much more dependent on Him and know that it is only through Him that we have any hope of anything greater and especially the great blessings of our Father that await us.

Love you all so much and have a great week.

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