Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter 44 - 2/19/11

NOOOOOOOOOO....... Kelsey´s getting married. Freak, that´s why she never wrote back. She
told me she´d be single when I got back. Haha! I figured she wouldn´t last long anyway.

Thank you so much for your letter. It feels SO great to hear about your health and the progress of
the boys. To be honest I´m not feeling very well, and it´s going to be a very short letter.

In short, Alex and Christian aren´t getting baptized this week. I´m very, very upset about
that. There were problems in the baptismal interview that they didn´t tell us when we asked
them the questions. I felt like dirt. It was a rough week. I know that Satan was working HARD
against us. I know we tried to stay organized, but it slipped by. We couldn´t do anything about
it because it was last minute. They´re so sad. Alex has cried two times that I know of. When
I talked to him today he started apologizing for not being able to be baptized this week. He
said, "I´m so sorry it´s just when he asked me the question I felt like I couldn´t tell him no. I had
to tell him the truth." I wanted to cry with just those words. He thought he couldn´t be baptized
at all. I reassured him that all will be fine, and that the fact that he felt that way was a good
thing. It means he´s truly repentant and that he sincerely in every way wants to follow Christ. He
deserves this baptism more than anyone I know. I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone so repentant
in my life. It´s really hard to have to watch someone you love like that have to suffer. It´s been
really hard. Not to mention Christian, who was so excited, but the Zone leaders didn´t tell him
it was a no. So who had to call him afterwards and spoil it? Us. He´ll get there though. We´re
going to go talk to him today. I want them to be baptized not for the number but because they
are repentant people looking to follow Christ. Not meeting the goal is such a secondary (not even
secondary) thought.

One good thing that happened was that when we were talking to Alex earlier in the week he was
talking about the truthfulness of the Church and he said, "This is it. This is the truth. Everything
I´ve seen in this church is everything that´s in the scriptures. It´s a completely selfless work. If
this isn´t it nothing else is." I really love that man. He´s the miracle story that every missionary
wants to have in their mission. I´m going to keep fighting for him. I know he´ll make it.

I´m going to go for now family. I love you a lot, but I´m kinda out of it. Take care and have a
great week.

You´re in my prayers

Elder Vuinovic

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