Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter 45 - 2/26/11

Hey Fam!

I know I´m writing a little earlier than normal. I want to be able to write a lot of letters today
so we´re doing all of the basic stuff early. fun story. Our washer broke. So NO ONE has clean
clothes. We´re scraping to the depths of our suitcases to find something to cover ourselves. The
down side of being in the office is that you don´t get all the cool stuff that the other missionaries
get from the wards. For example, lunches with them or sisters that wash your clothes. It´s getting
fixed today so we´ll see when it gets back. As for right now I´m wearing a garment top from an
elder half my size. I´m sure you can imagine how that feels. Haha!

As far as the week goes we´ve done pretty well. We haven´t found a lot of new people or had
a ton of lessons because we are trying to bring a lot of people to the stake conference this
weekend. President Montalti will be there to speak specifically to the investigators. I´m really
hoping to be able to bring a lot. We´ve organized really well with the ward, but with the little
time we have we can´t do everything so we´re going to keep inviting people throughout today
and we´ll see what happens tomorrow.

Alex is getting baptized today! Can I get a “what what!!!!” He is SO stoked, and so am I. He´s
one that has made the long walk of repentance. Watching him has uplifted me show much and
given me even more of a testimony of the power of repentance. To add on to how great of a day
this is, the weather is absolutely beautiful. It´s one of those Saturday mornings were there´s a
good breeze. It´s warm, but not hot. Much like a Saturday morning baseball day towards the end
of the season. yup.... kinda like that. Gorgeous.

The Book of Mormon continues to amaze me. I´ve learned more in Spanish than I have in my
native language. I think it´s because at the beginning a few scriptures caught my eye about
the purpose of the Book of Mormon, to convert the Lamanites to believe in Christ and repent.
After that I looked deeper into that purpose and what it was saying to convert the Lamanites.
It´s absolutely amazing, especially the scriptures that prophecy about its coming to the light
in these days. The most recent, as in this morning was something in Ether 11. First of all, the
Ether chapters from about 6 and onward can appear to be a genealogy of wicked rulers and
nothing else, right as I started thinking that I realized some cool scriptures. Today it was chapter
11 verses 8 and 20. Verse 8 says that as long as the people repent God will show them Mercy,
but in 20 we see that if they deny repentance God will have to exercise Justice. Lightbulb! I
remembered Alma 34 13-17. Which fully explains the relationship between mercy and justice.
This chapter was just a chapter to show how it plays out in real life. When the Jaredites repented
all was well because they had the mercies of the Lord, but when they had forgotten those things
they were smitten with a perfect justice. Great isn´t it? There´s always something to be learned in
the scriptures. Especially the Book of Mormon.

I love you all very much and pray that all is well, and that you have a great week. btw? what´s
the haps with Dad´s certificate. Anyway, loves!

Elder Vuinovic
PS- Watch this video

Absolutely incredible. I cried when I saw it. Twice. I have such a grown appreciation for the
temple. I can´t wait to go there some day for mission 2.0 haha!
Kyiv Ukraine Temple Cultural Celebration

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