Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter 47 - 3/12/11

That´s crazy that The coast got whooped like that. We got absolutely nothing out of the Tsunami.
Zilch. The President took HUGE safety measures, but we didn´t get anything. We had so many
plans for that day as well. I was really sad, but we had a really good training meeting. I felt like I
did learn important things from it, but I´m a little worried that the drawback will be cramming to
get our baptisms in.

My one year mark...... I´d rather not talk about it. I know what you mean though, and it´s
exactly what I´ve been feeling. It´ll go by fast. It´s inevitable. I just want to make sure that I do
everything I possibly can in that short amount of time. I´ll just play it out as it goes. I don´t want
to talk about it much more. Saying 1 year instead of how many months kinda trips me out.

This week has been very busy with doing things for the people who ended their mission and the
new missionaries. It´s always a great experience to welcome in new missionaries. They´re a lot
of fun. This group seems like a really great group too. There´s something very simple and sincere
that I like about them. One cool thing about my job is that I can keep tabs on people. I do it all
the time with Elder Shannon. It´ll be great to see how this missionaries progress while I have the
time to watch them. I think the new missionaries are my favorite part of being secretary.

We have two baptisms coming up this next week, but we need to do a lot to assure them. It´s
been tough this week and I want them to be well prepared; not a rushed experience for them that
leaves them questioning what happened. So we are going to be focusing a lot them. If you could
keep them in your prayers I know it will help out a ton. They´re called Byron and Angelo. They
really need the prayers to make sure that everything goes smoothly. They really don´t have any
problems. They´re great kids.

Well that´s about it. Not a whole lot that´s adventurous from this week. I´ll have more time
in my sector next week I hope so I´ll have a whole lot more to tell you.

I love you all very much. I truly hope that all is well, and that God blesses you all during this
next week.


Elder Vuinovic

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