Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter 46 - 3/5/11

This is how missionary work should be. Make sure the all of the youth see this. There are so
many good people on our town waiting for this, and starting with the youth will get our ward a
great boost.

Inviting All to Come unto Christ Sharing the Gospel

That video is everything that our ward should be and can be. I just imagine how powerful
the youth program is and how much more it really can be. They´re not just youth. They´re a
potential mode for the salvation of their friends.

We did have the baptism of Alex this week. I felt terrible because we had scheduled everything
with the ward so we could show up after the adult session of stake conference, have the baptism,
and we would go and make it home before curfew.

Well we show up early to make sure everything was actually set up, and it wasn´t. Elder Silva
and I were looking desperately for the spigot that emptied the font. Nope. so we wait and the
bishop get there and we find out it was broken. So what do we do?...... We take it out bucket by
bucket - AGAIN!!! I don´t know what´s wrong with me. It´s a terrible curse I have. But he did
get baptized, because we weren´t going to make him wait again, which made his family very
happy; especially his daughter. I had to baptize him in about two feet of water, because there
jsut wasn´t any more time. I basic laid him down on the ground then lifted him back up again.
He´s doing great. He totally had the missionary spirit, and we´re going to work so he has that
spirit forever. He gave us a reference this week and said, "Well that´s the idea right? Now that
I have this I need to share it with other people." I found I had dirt in my mouth because my jaw
was on the floor. I can´t understand it. It´s like he was perfectly programmed with an instinctive
knowledge of the commandments, and had only been looking for the church that would reteach it
to him.

During the week I was pondering some things; principally about something that Elder Villalba,
the materials secretary, said. He said that he had heard that we as missionaries are not here to
have spiritual experiences. Rather, we are here to help others have spiritual experiences. That,
of course, made me think about Alex. I thought, "During his spiritual experience I had one of
the greatest of my life." Which made me think of why. Truly watching Alex go through the
repentance process gave me a true and firm testimony of the Atonement of Christ. I had already
had a testimony of the Atonement. I have felt the immense power that envelopes he who has that
true repentance. The difference is that what I saw in Alex confirmed what I had previously felt
in my own life. I saw it with my own eyes. I watched as the hand of God worked in his life and
blessed him with the remission of his sins. And as such a case I don´t believe I can say I merely
have a testimony of the power of repentance, rather, a knowledge. I know what I saw and I saw
a man embrace true and full happiness through the Atonement of Christ. The light of personage
is now exceedingly bright, and I can stand before any man and testify that I know of the power
of the Atonement of Christ and that he is our Savior. It is now impossible to deny or doubt these
teachings, because I truly know they are true. It gives me great happiness to be able to say this to
all of my loved ones, and I hope that all may be able to exercise even a drop of faith to be able

know of the same things that I do. I promise great happiness as a result of such a trial of faith.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great another great week. (I finish a year this week.
Yikes!!) - Elder Vuinovic

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