Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter 49 - 3/25/11

Almost everything in the last couple of weeks has been about the office. We are having a
baptism though! Finally! His name is Byron and is awesome! I always loved visiting him, but
I never mentioned him before because he wasn´t coming to church. He now completed the
requirement and is super repentant and has progressed leaps and bounds. He has truly changed
a lot to be able to live according to the commandments. There´s been a full change in his
countenance. When I saw his face this last Sunday he was beaming. He normally has a mohawk,
but did a come-over for church. We were talking before his interview about how he has felt
during the lessons, reading the Book of Mormon, and attending church. He replied that he has
felt a peace and a happiness that he hasn´t felt in any other part of the world. (GOLDEN) He´ll
be 18 next month and will be able to start going on visits with us. He´s a really great kid, and it´s
such a blessing to have known him and given him the chance to have repentance and baptism in
his life.

This week we´ve had come training meetings. They were great. We lost time in the sector a little,
which kinda miffed me, but they were really useful. They were techniques that I wanted to apply
from the MTC, but because of tradition I didn´t really experiment with it. We used one of them
Thursday night and it went great. All it really is, is getting to know someone/befriending them
then sharing the Book of Mormon with them according to their needs. The Spirit was very strong
in that visit, and I know that the investigator felt something that night. I´m excited to be able to
put this in full practice after the office and see how much success it can bring. What I like the
most about this is that we can much more easily express that we care about them. They are then
able to feel that love that comes from our charity, and with that are more likely to read the Book
of Mormon.

I really know the Book of Mormon is true. I feel it every time I read it. I don´t have a borrowed
testimony. Every time I read it I regain and refresh my testimony. I love and hold precious all the
knowledge it has given me. I know that it will bring peace and comfort to all those who read, be
it member or not. I especially invite all of my friends and family who don´t know the Book of
Mormon, to read it. It will bless your life incredibly because it was written for you. It applies to
your life, and you need it.

I love you all very much. Have another great week

Elder Vuinovic

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