Monday, April 19, 2010

Adam’s “break up” letter with English

Dear Beloved English,

You’ve been there my entire life, and I thank you for that, but you always break the rules. As soon as I learn one rule, next thing I know you’ve gone off and changed your mind. You’re never reliable. We’ve had some good times, like all those awesome karaoke nights. It’s just too much now. I need stability. I met this new language. Her name is Spanish, and she’s really sweet. She’s simple, but I know she’ll be constant and will be there to support me. You’ve been the only one my entire life, and that’s what makes this so hard, but it’s time. I’m sure you’ll find someone better for you. It’s not you. It’s me.


Elder Vuinovic

P.S. I hope you’re not jealous, but me and Spanish are going to Ecuador for 2 years. I really feel like she’s the one.

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