Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter 03 - 3/30/10

We had a temple walk on Sunday, one of the best parts of the week, but it was ruined by all the couples that decided to show up that day. So we decided that when we get back we're going to take a girl every week to the Provo temple and walk around holding hands in front of the missionaries. Just so we feel justified. I know it sounds pathetic, but I can't wait.

My companion is already leaving for the MTC in the Dominican Republic. So I'm going into a threesome with the guy who is now district leader. Our former district leader and his comp are now Zone leaders, and the only guy left in the district is just a guy...I kinda felt bad for him. But after we all found out about things I felt really good.

Also I heard about the weekend with Elder Holland from Taylor too. Gosh I'm so jealous! That man is so incredible. If one isn't softened by his testimony than their hearts are impenetrable.

True story. I already have the awkward missionary disease. I don't know how to start a conversation anymore, let alone carry one out. This is bad. There's no telling how far this cancer will progress by the time I get home.

My zone's song of the week is the Ork Death March from the Lord of the Rings. It sounds almost exactly like it does on the movie. Also, today we've had a 90's collaboration with groups such as backstreet boys, N*SYNC, savage garden, and seal. We really are shameless.

Speaking of music, I met Bert McCracken's little brother. For those of you who don't know, Bert McCracken is the lead singer of The Used, and his brother looks almost exactly like him, just a lot more clean cut. That was really cool. He's going to Peru, which is the country south of Ecuador.

Every Sunday they let us watch a church movie like Legacy, The Testaments, etc. and seriously it's like the missionaries’ Mardi Gras. Half the people don't even go to watch the movie. They just wait and make fun of all the kissing scenes. It's really funny actually. BTW, if you watch The Testaments listen closely to right before Ammoron dies and you'll hear a T-Rex sound, and during the destruction after Christ dies there's a heavy wind and people are running everywhere, but this one guy totally get poned by the wind and everyone else is fine. It's hilarious.

I'm starting to adjust to the life here. I've notice that even in these few weeks I've become a better person, and I've developed better habits. I'm reading my scriptures all the time, I'm a lot more patient, and I'm even practicing the piano (yes mom you were right. I want the whole world to know that my mom was right and I should have practice piano more.... at all). I'm just still working on this while daily goal setting thing. I'll be honest; I'm not so good at it.

Fun facts about Spanish:
no tengo verguenza = I have no shame no tengo verguenzas = I have no privates
cansado= tired casado = married
esposa = wife esposas = handcuffs.
I love this language.

I love you all so much. I wish I could share everything I'm learning with you so you'd know as much as I do that this is God's work. I hope you all feel His love in your life.

Love, Elder Vuinovic

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