Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter 06 - 4/13/10

MTC food: I went to pour milk into my cereal one day and what came out of the dispenser was the early stages of cheese. Needless to say I have a much smaller appetite nowadays.

This week we had our English funeral, where we no longer speak in English in our classes. It was pretty funny. Hermana Ampuno had us write a letter to English about how we'll miss them or whatever, so I just made it a break up note. I'll see if I can find it and send it home. It was pretty funny. But what wasn't funny was how hard my brain hurt after that day. Seriously! I was trying so hard to think in Spanish that when I was allowed to speak in English I couldn't remember how for a while. My brain was shot. I couldn't even think. I sat there confused wondering what it was like to have thoughts. And then this giant bunny came up out of no where...... no. Just kidding. But seriously, it was bad.

Hermana Ampuno went straight native on us and I could barely catch stuff for the first half of class. It's gotten a lot better though. I really feel my self growing even more. To be honest I haven't wanted to do most of the stuff that we do here. Every time I had to do stuff I would just think, "Man. This is retarded. I should just be in Ecuador and actually do this for real." Then one time Hermano Frampton made us all commit to memorize this fatty scripture that has 13 verses. I hate memorizing things just because, and for some really stupid reason I found myself REALLY unwilling to do it, just because of my own comfort. I didn't tell him no, but in my mind I had to really force myself to say I'd do it. After that and a similar experience about having to do a teaching "simulation" I realized, "Wow. I'm really doing a crappy job at this whole becoming a missionary thing. I need a change of heart."

Elder Maxwelll said that the only thing that we can sacrifice to our Savior that already isn't his, is our will. I knew I needed to set aside my will and begin to want to do His. So I started to pray for this change of heart. Then Saturday I felt really good about the work that we had to do. Spanish felt like it was SO much easier and I wasn't having to think as much when I tried to speak it. I know that the Lord aids us in all our righteous desires. I've felt so much help in becoming a missionary and a better person. It's awesome.

I also really need to give a lot of credit to my teachers. Hermano Frampton has stretched me more than any other teacher I think I've had. And of course we lose them in a week, but life goes on.

Funny Spanish story. This girl was giving a talk in sacrament meeting and instead of saying "pero" which means "but", she kept saying "pedo" because she couldn't roll her R which means "fart!" haha. It was an awesome talk though.

Fun Fact: Joseph Smith's grandfather said in his journal that he felt impressed on his soul that one of his descendants will change the world of religious thought. CRAZY! The quote isn't exact so check it out so you know for sure, but when I heard that I was shocked, and I kinda had to chuckle because I don't think he had any idea how big of an impact it would be.

Once again I'm almost out of time. This week I really want people to read Moroni chapter 10 and not just verses 3-4. Read out loud, especially, the part where he bares testimony and says "I lie not". I did that this week and it was really powerful.

I love you all and have an amazing week!

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