Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter 02 - 3/23/10

I have my missionary hair cut now. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it still. Can’t wait for you to see pics. I look pretty fly.

Fun fact ---I got my Ecuador shirts and they ROCK!

First order of business:
Everyone must understand that navy blue was created by Satan himself. Navy blue is a liar and deceiver. I didn't want any navy in my missionary wardrobe because I wanted all my things to match. So, everything was black based. As part of the required packing list I needed a solid colored v-neck sweater. My mom got me a "black" one. Only when I went to wear it was it black? NO. It was NAVY BLUE!!!!! Mother you were deceived by the cunning one. I'm so sorry that even your incredible color talents were fooled by this misleading and evil color.

Our new second counselor in the branch presidency asked if my name was Serbian. All of a sudden my stomach turned and I felt the blood of the Vuinovics scream within me. I took a deep breath and had to let him know that in fact I'm Croatian. The cool thing was that he understood the contention between the two, and would have understood if I was offended. haha.

Quentin L. Cook came last Tuesday. (I still saw an apostle, even thought it wasn't Elder Holland!) He said something that was pretty important to me. He told us that tons of prayers go into our call, and that they match us to the mission president more than the mission itself. So this makes me really excited to meet my mission president. He also left us a blessing and a sincere promise that as we devote ourselves to the work we will not have to worry about our families’ situations, no matter how severe. The Lord will provide. I love you guys and you’ll be alright. An apostle said so.

At the temple today I totally helped this Spanish-speaking lady. It felt awesome.

I had an awesome spiritual experience this week. I went to the Referral Center where we call people who have called to order things. My first couple of times were pretty unsuccessful, but at the end of my second time I talked to this guy named Kenneth. He didn't really sound that interested, but I bore my testimony of why I’m here and the message I have for him. He said he would think about it and call the missionaries. Then on Saturday morning I felt so strongly that I had to call him right after dinner. So I went as soon as I could. Because of previous experiences I didn't really like the RC and wouldn't have gone by choice, but I knew I had to go. So I called Kenneth, and he said he was having dinner and was packing for a trip so he couldn't really talk, but he said I could call next Saturday. I was a little confused why I felt so prompted to call when I didn't have the opportunity to talk to him. Either way I knew I had to do it. Anyway I decided to make some more calls because I was already there. I eventually cam across a woman named Eleanor, who was raised with religion and is very open to religion. I started to ask her a few questions and she opened everything up to me. Her fears and doubts, how her childhood was hard, after her brother died she almost took her own life, but her kids kept her going and so much more. She has great ideals and is much more progressed than she knows. So I bore my testimony about the restored gospel, the plan of salvation, and the Book of Mormon. All she said was, “Wow. Thank you for calling.” She wanted us to send her a Book of Mormon and to have the local missionaries come meet with her. I told her that she is a great person and that the message the missionaries are bringing will enrich her life. My companion also had awesome success. It was an incredible night. I knew I felt impressed to go to the RC for a reason and I can’t wait to see how these people progress.

Because of this, the scripture this week is 1 Nephi 4:6.

And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.

This church is true, and I hope everyone gives themselves the opportunity to find out for themselves.

Love you guys so much!

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