Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter 05 - 4/11/10

Our district met after the Tuesday night devotional and it was so awesomely spiritual. We had a great discussion on our testimonies and how the Spirit works with us. It was great to feel so much unity in our district. Something I learned from Elder Eastburn in that meeting really helped me with being completely obedient here. He said, "As I left the devotional I thought,'If I'm not going to be 100% obedient, why am I here?'" I found that so true. There's been a lot of really stupid rules that I follow, but begrudgingly. After his comment I realized that I'm willing to be obedient enough to be here, so now I'm going to be willing with all of the things that come with being here, or else I just go home...which I have no intention of doing.

Also, I met a Vuinovic relative! It was so crazy. She said that her line comes from Serbia, but they've traced it back to Croatia! And there's some other relatives her mom has found in Milwaukee. It was so awesome. I never thought I'd meet a Vuinovic relative. Our common ancestor goes back a long way, but still, it was way too cool! Also! At the temple today one of the temple workers was asking about my name. So I told him the original spelling and pronunciation. Turns out our name means "warrior"! How kick-aspirin is that!? I can't believe I went all through high school not knowing that my name rocks! For all I knew a 2 year old played on a keyboard and made our name. Just kidding, but seriously, how awesome!

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