Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 31 - 11/15/10

As far as Christmas goes, I do need more sole inserts. And I would like some pictures of dad and me with the whole family. Could you send me a recipe for pumpkin pie and apple butter? The patriarch lives in our ward and he´s an ag freak. I wish he could see Sacramento around harvest time. He asked me to take him to the US. I would love to give him the chance to go to Slough House and Apple Hill and all the ag markets in Sacramento, but for now if you could send me those recipes that´d rock. He made something like it out of guava which really made me miss the Sacramento fall. Oh btw I want a mini US flag. That´s all.

Things have been rough again. I´m ready to not plan any more and go just contacting all day long. Any missionary would call me crazy, but I´m losing it. We barely teach. It doesn´t bother Elder Hernandez, because he comes from an area that doesn´t teach. I know the potential of this area and I want to max it out. I feel really stressed because I know I need to help him and I also know that I have to be the one that pushes us to get lessons, but I feel like we can´t move fast enough. I feel stressed because I don´t know what to do. If I knew what I had to do to get things right I would just do it, but I´m having a hard time figuring out what that thing is. I really can´t complain too much. We had six baptisms this week. It was really awesome. An entire family, except the youngest, and two other brothers got baptized, as well as another from Independencia. It was really cool. The family is totally prepared and Douglas has a lot of interest in the priesthood and really wants to understand it. So we taught him about it in depth. It was really awesome. He understood it all and they´re already wanting to go to the temple to be sealed. So things have been slow lately, but now we´re going out full speed to try and find some more people and get them ready for December.

Ecuador moment:  So we´re in the bus going to this pier on the Guayas River. We´re stopped at a red light and I see there´s smoke coming in the window. I thought, "How odd." I looked out the window, and what did I see? (not popcorn popping on an apricot tree) A semi´s exhaust pipe pouring toxic fumes into the bus and them when it accelerated it shot a bunch of black dust into the bus. It really stunk. How I didn´t get cancer and die right there I don´t know. It was one of those precious moments.

Well family, that´s all for this week. I love you all SOOOOO much. I´m gonna miss Turkey Bowl and Thanksgiving, and Christmas lights a lot. But just know that I think about you all the time. Especially when I see those fake Christmas trees and hear this retarded Flea Market quality music. Haha!

Love you all have a great week.

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