Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 36 - 12/20/10

This is going to be a quickie but get this. I think it´s the best baptism story ever.
It was a good week, but I´m only going to share our day Saturday because that will take plenty of time as it is.

First of all I found out Wednesday night that I was District leader and that the next day I had to do an interview.... with two mentally handicapped people. That was interesting, but they were both ok. So Saturday rolls around and the same Elders call me and tell me that they need another interview because the sister of that same family is going to be baptized... that same day. (great timing). The whole world stops for a baptismal interview, so instead of filling up the baptismal font we went to do the interview. This interview was INSANE. I seriously felt like I was about to get punked. Who has to interview 3 handicapped people for their first interviews? What made it so rough was that she said she had a problem with one of the questions, but I couldn´t figure out if it really happened or not. I had to ask the missionaries several times if they knew about this stuff beforehand. I had to make sure she was telling the truth and not just making something up. I was SO confused. She would say things that sounded like they could be true with awkward detail, but then there would be facts that were messed up. Finally after 300 questions we finished the interview. The missionaries went to go verify with the mom the validity of the story. Later on…

After the interview I was a little fried, but we went to go check out our appointments in the morning, and there wasn´t anything. So we just went to the chapel to fill up the font. We start the water and get cleaning. Elder Shannon realized that the water stopped filling up. Dang! So we see that there´s a water spigot in the cleaning closet and we go bucket by bucket filling this font up. I realized that it´s time for our lunch appointment, and we really couldn´t be late to their house. So we left and afterwards taught a lesson to the Cedeño family, the one with the inactive dad. It was awesome because the dad was there this time and we had a great lesson. Afterwards we get back to filling the font bucket style, but I realized that there´s no way that we can fill it up in that much time. I remembered that the ex-bishop is a gardener for the church so we went over there and got a hose. Awesome! Hose in the font and its filling up. We go to teach a lesson. Great lesson and we go around making sure that everyone´s coming to the baptism. We go back to the chapel and the hose had been pulled out and there was NO water in the font. Well, enough to maybe roll her around in it, or maybe baptize her catholic style. Not to mention NO ONE from the bishopric came. Even worse was that there were FIVE investigators that came to the baptism, but we had to send them home because there was nothing. I felt so terrible. Shirley Rodriguez, the girl who was going to get baptized, got really sad because she wanted to get baptized that night, and she was really excited beforehand. Not to mention she got all dressed up for it. Elder Shannon felt sad because it was his first baptism, and I felt like junk because I´m supposed to know what to do to fix it, and I couldn´t do a thing. Finally, an hour later, a counselor showed up and I remembered that another ward had a baptism and we could go over there to have it there. He shrugged and said let´s go. So what do we do? We walk, in the rain, all dressed up to the other chapel, and we have the baptism. It was so awesome! Elder Shannon did it, and I felt so proud! It was the closest to Father-Son pride it could be. He was SO excited afterward and Shirley was crying before and after because she was so happy. It was a nightmare that turned out AWESOME! It was a really spiritual baptism and Shirley really showed how much she wanted to be baptized. It was a great experience.
Love, Elder Vuinovic

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