Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 37 - 1/1/11

WOW! Ryan story was SOOOOOOOO flipping hilarious, and especially their fishing pole stories. I can just see how that turned out.

The presents were great I only found the two fives, but I´ll look inside the med kit when I get home.

So this week was interesting. I feel like I don´t know anything. I´ve never had office experience before and I´m so used to being a missionary that it’s been a rough transfer. I know that I wouldn´t be here unless God wants me here. It´s hard to accept His will sometimes, and He always seems to find something that would be hard. It´s ok though, by these things I know I´ll grow in ways that He needs me to grow. Something that was rough to accept was that last night I called Elder Shannon to see if I left some stuff in the other house, and of course I asked him if how the sector was doing. The sector really is doing well. Almost all of the investigators I was teaching are going to be baptized, and people that I´ve been trying to get into the program for a very long time are now in and progressing. That sector is probably going to have 10 baptisms this month. I know it´s selfish to want those baptisms, but besides the statistic those were people that I really wanted to see get baptized, and to be there with them to get them there. I know that the Lord only asks us to give something up so that we may have something better, so I´m working to find that something else that is better. There aren´t accidents in the mission. God wouldn´t take that risk. So now I´m just working to find that purpose. I really feel a lot of potential coming from this ward though. They´re so incredible. It´s such a structured and matured ward. Something I haven´t seen in a very long time. Not to mention their desires for mission work are incredible. We get references like nothing else. The only problem the sector has is a lack of organization on the missionaries’ part. The office staff sadly doesn´t have all day to give to the sector. So they find a bunch of people but they baptize the people that don´t require a bunch of work. That´s something I´m working to change. This place has potential for double digit baptisms with frequency. I really hope to be able to coordinate well with the ward to get more people coming to church, because we´ve also found a lot of people and we’re going to need a lot of help teaching and visiting these people with the little time we have.

Change of pace story: Thursday night there was going to be a baptism. Elder Guerrero and I show up to the chapel to get things ready. We see the font and it is FULL of crickets. Like “cricket community pool” status. So Elder Guerrero and I had to take off our shoes and roll up our pants to go get out all these crickets. We finish and the water smells disgusting and is still dirty. You can´t have a baptism like that even though it´s going to be filled with sins afterwards. (haha) Problem: The valve was broken. So what do we do? We empty it out bucket by bucket (seriously, what´s my problem with baptismal fonts?!)  We´re almost done when someone tells us that the girl who was getting baptized is not coming because something went down with the dad and permission. So we were all sweaty with wet pants and we didn´t even get the baptism. Bust.

Well that´s about it for the week. I love you guys a lot and you are in my prayers. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Elder Vuinovic

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