Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 33 - 11/29/10

We had to stay in on Sunday for the Census. So I made the food then. It actually wasn´t that bad. Especially given that I made it in 20 minutes. I cried when I said the Thanksgiving prayer. But felt really good to eat stuffing. Surprisingly it was really good. The potatoes too. I missed the pumpkin and apple pie.  There´s no replacing that.

I honestly have no idea how the phone thing works. I´m really sorry, but I don´t have time to be able to look into that. I´ll see what I can do next pday, but I can´t take proselyting time to do that. What I´ve heard of people doing is just calling to their house and then having the family return the call. Phone service is really expensive here especially for a long call. I think it would be better if you guys bought a calling card and returned the call, but I´ll see if I can look into it more next week.

Dad told me about the Polar Express train. Gosh that would have been so awesome!!

It´s really awesome to hear that Tarl´s doing great. I´d imagine so. He did so much to get himself ready. He´ s going to be such a great missionary. Well he was actually already a missionary.

Well I really don´t have more time. It was a good week this week. Things are getting better. We´re moving the program forward and getting some more people. We won´t be going without baptisms this month of December and we´ll also be getting set up for January. Things are looking up. I´ll update you some more next week.


Elder Vuinovic

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