Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 40 - 1/22/11

We finally did something cool for Pday. We went out to a field and played ultimate frizbee with the nurses. It felt weird doing something fun. haha

So the bday is coming up.... gosh. I´m going to be 20. It almost doesn´t even seem like a real number anymore. I don´t know what to make of it. O well I´ve been keeping busy with other stuff slighty more important. Salvation… no big deal! I´m scared about how fast time is going in the office. And everyone says it´s only faster once you leave. It´s a scary inevitable principle. I´m just trying to focus on getting the most out of each moment. There were two days were we got tripped up on time waiting for people while proselyting and I felt really bad, which is a good thing, because it keeps me on my toes. Hopefully we can still pull out some big results.

Things have gotten better in the sector. La peƱas is such a great ward/sector. I knew there was more potential. We´ve really seem to just run into people. People that I really feel will progress we just really need to focus on getting people to church. So that´ll be the most important part of today. I feel bad for the office staff before the ones that I replaced. There is truly so much potential here. This could be the busiest time of anyone’s mission. I feel like they just weren´t very sure what to do because they were so focused on office work. That´s something that´s really helped me out. I do my office work and I fulfill my duties as best I can, but I really have my main focus on my sector. I´ve felt a lot better that way and I know we´ll have success that way. Meaning, I´ll be even happier. I think we´re on track for a good spiral.

I think the best part of the week was a family named Arango. I think I´ve already told you guys about them. We talked to the husband a while back on one Sunday making contacts. It didn´t seem like huge potential at the time, but they were still on my mind. We finally just went to visit them and they were just golden. We´ve visited them a couple time this week and it was so great. He accepted a baptismal date like nothing else. I think it was the most firm and resolute response I´ve heard. He understood so clearly the need for a correct baptism. They read 3 Nephi 11 and understood everything about it. I felt like I didn´t even need to teach them. They understood even the form of baptism. We taught the plan of Salvation and when we talked about our purpose in this life we went over the fact that we need to be baptized and repent. We asked him again if he would continue preparing himself for his baptism and said very firmly that yes he would and that he was completely decided that he will be baptized. I´m so excited for him to come to church tomorrow.

There´s a teen from the ward that´s starting to accompany us, and he´s introducing us to all of his friends. It´s been awesome because we´ve been able to teach these little street kids and invite them to come unto Christ. People that normally would just laugh at us have listened to our message and have accepted easily the Book of Mormon. I´m really excited for them to learn more about something that will give them so much direction and purpose in their life, and that will help them avoid a lot of unhappiness.

So all in all things are looking good. We just need to do some solid maintenance and include the ward in the lessons with these awesome people that we´ve found.

Hope everyone has a great week. I love you all so much.    Elder Vuinovic

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