Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 42 - 2/5/11

Sigh.... No, I didn´t see the video. There´s something wrong with it. They said it´s either filmed wrong or it was finalized wrong. I think of the both it was the finalization. There´s been problems there before. Where you able to watch it before you sent it, or only on the computer? Either way, just getting it and knowing a little of what was on it from the editor´s notes made me happy. If you can send it again, great.  If not, well that´s life.

Ryan!! gosh that is absolutely hilarious. I can see the little peanut right now working that monster vacuum. Ugh!  I want to give him a hug so badly. He´s just the funniest, cutest little thing. I´m also so excited to hear about Randy. I´m sending out a packet of letters and next week I want to send out another, but that one will have pictures. está bien¿? I´m really not forgetting about you guys. I want to be able to write more hand written letters, but I don´t have the attention span. Also I randomly got a bunch of bday letters from people that haven´t written me in forever or at all. Which was really nice. I felt very loved :)

So Tarl´s getting out there!! wahoo!!!! I´m so stinkin stoked for that kid!!! He´s going to do such a great job. I know he´ll train early like Kyle and I did. He´s got it in him. I also think he´ll be in the office, but as something important, not materials or historian. haha.  Hermana Ampuño (Spanish teacher from the MTC) comes next week, Wednesday. I’m so stinkin excited!! She´s awesome. She´ll also be able to fill me in on the stuff that´s been going on with other elders of my group and how Kyle and Tarl were while they were in the MTC. It´s going to be so great.

I´m also very excited about the ward fast idea. Especially for the ward missionary efforts. Don´t want to offend (especially because I was part of the problem) but our ward is pretty lame when it comes to missionary efforts. We have a great ward mission leader (if it´s still Leroy) and we feed the missionaries well, but our part was not done. I hope at some point they wake up to the importance of missionary work, especially their end. There´s so much joy involved in it and there´s so many great people waiting for this true happiness.

OK so about the week.  It was great. We had a baptism last Saturday and it went really well. His name is Juan Pablo, and he was so excited. He was crying and just very, very happy. He´s only 14, but very mature and aware of his needs to go to church. We had another baptism yesterday, one of the "street kids". His name is Joseph Villegas. The best is that his family came. We only taught his family one time, but I really feel like there´s a lot of potential there. Especially with the mom. She´s a single mom, but her parents live with her. The family is a very important principle for all of them. I think that once they go to church they´ll realize how family oriented the church is and they will want to learn more. I´m very excited for them. During the baptism and before I felt very excited. I could see how excited he was too and it made me feel very satisfied. I know he´s a great kid and the ward will have him in good hands. I really want to be able to keep contact with him, because I have high hopes that he will serve a mission. Something that will obviously bless his life greatly. Such a great blessing to be able to know him. I´ll send pictures soon.

Finally is the Arango family update. Gosh..... Such great people. I don´t think I´ve ever seen such a golden situation. I know I´ve already said this, but if he was the only investigator that I baptized I would be happy. I would actually be much more than happy. He´s such a prepared and chosen soul. Every time we teach is such a great experience for us as well as it is for him. He came to a ward activity last Friday and the bishop gave them a Bible, because they didn´t have one. He was shocked that someone would just hand out a Bible when at his old church they were sold at lower quality for 30 dollars. When we visited them this Tuesday we explained to him the purpose of tithing and that thanks to tithing we are able to expand the Lord´s work without financial limitations. Also that church positions aren´t paid. He was shocked and said, "So everything that the church does is completely without self interest. Wow, The more I hear, the more I like this." He totally knows it´s the true church, and he hasn´t even attended. This last Sunday he couldn´t come because he got a gnarly cold. We did splits that night and I went by there to see how he was and if there was something that we could do to help. On the way I was thinking that maybe we would be able to give him a blessing. When we actually showed up the member and I looked at each other and we knew that we should. So we went inside we explained the priesthood blessing is the same today as it was in the times of Christ and that we are able to heal as He did. When we went to give him the blessing I felt good about doing the sealing. Normally I try to shrug it off on the other guy, but I felt good that time. While I was pronouncing the blessing I felt the Spirit strongly, but in a way very different.  If I tried to explain it it would come out wrong. So I´m not going to try, but the point is that I knew that the Spirit confirmed what I said. When we were talking the same Tuesday as the tithing talk he told me that he woke up the very next day and felt perfectly fine, and he had only taken one pill early in the day. Then asked me how that happened. We explained the priesthood again and told him that it´s a true power and that we don´t put on a show and ask for money.  It´s because we serve with the priesthood. That also added to his comment about selfless service. I´m really excited about his progress.

It´s been a great week. Gotta run. Love you all and have a great week.

Elder Vuinovic
Erick- Love in the world. That I´ve felt in my mission.

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