Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 34 - 12/6/10

Well we had a huge meeting this morning with the President and it took forever so I have no time to do anything today. I have only a little time to throw something your way and shoot off an email to the president.

Cool news....... I`m training!!!! Way cool. I found out last Monday night. So Elder Hernandez left and I got my “kid”.  His name is Elder Shannon and his first name is Nefi.  Not Nephi, but the Spanish, Nefi.  We had a great week.  I`m totally loving his geenie fire and it feels good being with someone who has that energy again.  I`m really not trying to mold him, but rather focus him.  He`s pretty impulsive because of his ADD.  I just laugh normally, but sometimes I have to calm him down/correct. There`s really a huge problem with speaking English.  Wherever we are he speaks English and at one voice level. So I`m trying to get him in Spanish mode.  We put up great numbers, but no one came to church this week. We totally made plans and everything and verified several times throughout the week, but no one was home. It`s still possible to make our goal, but we have to make sure that everyone else comes to church next week.

I wish I had time to fill you all in on more, but training is fun, and things are going well. Much better than in past weeks.  I learned a lot in those weeks, and I know that I´m going to be using that experience for a lot of my mission and the rest of my life.

Love you,
Elder Vuinovic

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