Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 38 - 1/8/11

Hey fam!

How´s the week been treating you? You´re probably out doing chores right now..... or watching jungle book with Ryan. Actually, what´s his favorite movie now?

So get this. Last night I did a baptismal interview, and afterwards we got into a taxi to go to our sector. The taxi driver is confirming that he knew where the direccion (address) was, but Elder Silva interjected saying that we were going home. I confusedly asked him why and he just said, "Look." I turned around in the seat and saw a HUGE tear in his pants. I was busting up so hard. I just tried to imagine what it would be like if we went out to teach anyway. I kept busting up because if we had gone there would have been no way to hide it, and I´m sure a scene like that would definitely impede on the spirit.

The secretary work is getting better. Like almost all things, it needs better organization. I´ve really found the way to be able put off the small chores and organize the more important things, while I´m doing that I do a lot of organizing. It´s badly needed. I´m pretty excited to be able to get things in order. I know that once I have a grip on things I´ll feel a lot better. I had a cool experience yesterday. I was asked to participate in a blessing for the president. He was sick and asked me to do the anointing. It was a cool experience to be able to serve him like that. I realized there are very few people that will have that opportunity. It´s things like that I want to focus on so I can remember the positive things.

On Thursday I had an especially cool experience. I went to go do a baptismal interview, but it didn´t happen that night. So I was with a greenie, and I wanted to be able to do something with him. I went to a contact to see if we could get a lesson in and some new investigators, but I couldn´t find the house to save my life. I felt really bad, but I just decided to go do some contacts. I couldn´t understand why, but we couldn´t get anything. I was trying to think of something to do, but never once did I think to look at my agenda. I had plans, but it just never came to mind. So I thought, “we´ll just go towards the chapel”. As we´re walking I saw a house. I thought to contact it because we wouldn´t have to try to enter it. We do the contact, and it was alright, but the parents weren´t home so we couldn´t really do anything. I asked what the address was to be able to write down the contact. She didn´t know so we had to go to the corner to see the address. As we were walking, a lady asked if we were Mormons, but in a way very sincere. I responded that we were. When she heard that she explained that she wanted us to visit her husband. Her husband was a member, but inactive and there were some other problems and she wanted us to help him. She too is a member, but went inactive when he did, even though she wanted to still go to church. It was too difficult to keep going when he wouldn´t go. When we got to the house the husband told us his conversion story: He was praying one day that God would give him the truth in his life because he wanted to be happy and he wanted God in his life. Ten minutes later he got a knock on the door from the missionaries. He listened to them and got baptized. He became a very strong member in the church. Received the Melchezidek priesthood and everything. He had the goal to go to the temple, but when he came back to Ecuador he went active and with him, his wife. They then told us that in that same day they were both individually praying. He was praying for help from God and she was praying that God would change her husband. They´re separated right now, but you can tell that she honestly wants things to get better and her family to be whole again. They´re a family that has received a lot of truth in their life and need some help living it again. I know that the bishop will be really excited to her that they were found again. They´re theme this year is "the rescue of the lost sheep". I think this fits in well with the theme.

We had a lesson last night with the sister of a recent convert. Her name is Veronica. It was such a great lesson. We taught a part of the plan of salvation. She´s so prepared. The spirit was very strong. Elder Silva and I teach very well together and we were able include some really great points that are helping her accept that the answer she´s received is for the better for her life even though it requires a change. I´m really excited for her. It looks like she´ll be baptized the 15th of January. Please keep her in your prayers.

Well that´s about it for the week. I love you all so very much. Have a great week!

Elder Vuinovic

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