Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 41 - 1/29/11

The sector is going well. We weren´t able to be out there as much as we wanted to be. There was SO much to do. This whole week I haven´t had a good night’s sleep. Last night we were at the airport because an elder had to fly to Quito to renew his visa. So we were waiting for him in the airport until after 11. Oh yeah, and what song comes on? “Faithfully”, by Journey. GOSH! That song is for sure on the "Trunkies of Trunky" list. It was horrible, and yet in a painful way I enjoyed it.

The Bday was decent. We had lunch in the temple with the newbies. Part of it was cake and ice cream so I felt satisfied. I couldn´t really do anything for my bday because the whole day was focused on the processing the new missionaries. It was great to be able to be at the temple, but I was a little sad I couldn´t do the temple session. I was worried about securing the baptisms, so I felt like we couldn´t really sacrifice the time. We are going to be having one baptism today Yeah! This kid named Juan Pablo. He´s such a smart little guy that really wants to be a part of the church. He´s 14 and comes to church all by himself and understands very well the doctrine for his age. He´s definitely different from the little street kids that come by the chapel. Mom, when I talk about street kids I mean kids that just hang around the street a lot running around with their friends. They´re not the richest of kids, but they´re not dirt poor. They definitely act like rowdy street kids so the lessons are a little difficult, but other than that they´re really great kids.

Learning experience: In my time here in the office I´ve had a very difficult time keeping the balance between my missionary/proselyting time and office work. It just consumes everything. At times I find myself not fully completing the missionary schedule along with studies and it kills me. I really don´t like not having that rigorous schedule. Then it hit. "Hi. This is what it´s going to be like when you go home." Yikes. I don´t want to be thinking about going home, at all, but in using the time I have on my mission as a preparation for the rest of my life I had to accept and be grateful for that experience. I realized that when I go home there´s going to be a million things that are going to get in my way of keeping my spiritual high. Even more than now. I´m not in any way excited about that, but I need to use this time that I have to be able to form habits that will help me overcome the barriers that I will face once this great experience is over. So, I´m working to develop strong habits now so I´m well prepared for the things to come. Even if it were for this one experience, I´m grateful for the office. I was so enveloped in my missionary world that when I went home I would´ve been in a very shattered world. I´m still working on accepting the office. The field is still better, but I´m finding the cool stuff here too.

Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes. I love you all very much.

In my personal study today I re-read a great passage about why we need to repent. Yes God is merciful, but the law can never be broken. Alma 42:21-26. So just fess up and repent already!

Love you all

Elder Vuinovic

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