Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 35 - 12/13/10

Wow. It´s really good to hear about Randy. Especially how that little message from the gospel helped him out.  Props on getting that kid talking. He just needs to talk. If he can just talk it´s really easy to help him out.  PS- I had a random urge to eat something from a Galt restaurant and go for a walk around downtown..... moving on.

Had a great week. We did a great job keeping up on the investigators from the week before and we had several people come to church this week. It felt really good. One of our older investigators showed up today. He finally got time off of work and it looks like he´ll be able to start coming more regularly. It was funny because I told him he might have to be baptized by other missionaries because he was living in another sector. I found out later that he has the same house, but during the week sleeps at his work for convenience. Before finding this out he was in the hall and he told me, "I´m going to be baptized here, and I´m going to be baptized the 25th." He´s so awesome. He was prepared more than two months ago. It´ll be a pleasure to baptize him. Also the sister of Angel Rodriguez is going to be baptized for sure this week. I´m really excited. Slowly and surely we´re going to complete that family. The cousins want to get baptized, but the grandma they´re living with doesn´t want anything to do with us. So we´re going to have to go talk to her this week. It´s not looking that good, but if you could keep them in your prayers that would be great. They´re named Katherine, Michael, and Paula Tisalema. Also if you could pray that Shirley Rodriguez and Freddy Olvera can keep up their efforts to give up coffee I would really appreciate that too. So, by the looks of it we´re going to get our goal of 3 for the month with a good amount of prospects for January.

Something happened with the ward and I’ts great. We had ward council and the counselor to the bishop was talking firmly about getting support in the mission work, by getting us references. What totally helped was that we walked in there with a progress report full of people. The bishop even said, ‘yeah that´s a lot of people’. They were talking about their monthly goals for baptisms. After that I showed them the progress report. I straight up told them that it was cool that their goal was three for January, but we right now have the potential 10 baptisms realistically speaking, but there are problems that we as missionaries can´t help with. If they have a true friend things will be resolved. I told them that if they want these baptisms that they are available, but we need their help. I´m going to start to carry a progress report with me at all times to be able to talk about investigators. I really think that things are going to get a lot better with the ward, and that I´ve been able to get a little more confidence from the members.

Cool story. We were at a baptism because we stopped by for some investigators and they said they were coming. Afterwards we were going to go by an investigator´s house, Joffrey Chele, to see if he was going to come to church and to wish him happy birthday. As we were leaving Elder Shannon mentioned something about bringing everyone over to Joffrey´s house, but was joking around. I don´t know if it was because I was thinking the same thing or what, but I almost instinctively went around collecting all the young single adults to come with us. He turned 18 so it was perfect for him to get to know them. We bought some bread and a soda so we didn´t look like mooches and we totally surprised them. It went great. Elder Shannon and I came up with a couple games so we weren´t awkwardly sitting around. The mom was probably the most thankful.  She came out and told us that Joffrey didn´t have friends around there because he goes to a high school in another part of the city and all he does is study. I felt so good that he had that on his birthday because pretty much nothing else happened. Some other family members came by I think, but that was it. So before we left I asked him if he was going to church the next day, knowing darn well what the answer would be. haha. We got a very warm yes.

There´s an awesome family that we found the week before last, the Cedeño family. The dad is a doctor and travels a lot. He´s inactive, but tells everyone he´s a member still. The family is great. They have really good standards. The mom is the only one I worry for. She expresses many of the things we hear from Catholics, but I know it´s only from a fear of change. She’ll be ok once she comes to church. I´m really excited for them. They´re such great people that would be so much happier as members of the church. Keep them in your prayers too! Their names are Rosario (mom), Ginger and Donna (daughters), and Borys and Arrón (sons).

Elder Vuinovic

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