Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter 39 - 1/15/11

I´m almost twenty. This is freaking me out. I´m not ok with this. In this week I´ve realized how much time has really gone by. Everyone is always talking about how fast the time goes by. Always. I would always just think that they were just talking about it because that´s what everyone talked about. It was REALLY cliché for me. I knew that time had gone by and it didn´t seem like that much or that fast. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was in the same house for almost all my life. I think it was last night that a taxi driver had "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" playing and it made me think about that one really stupid lip synch show I did in 8th grade, and then thought about how much time had actually passed. I´ve been gone for ten months. I know I still have a long way to go, but now it feels like the time is slipping. I felt like I was living out the time to the fullest so I wasn´t wasting time, and it felt good. It wasn´t going by too fast nor too slow. I just need to keep working hard so I don´t miss this time and have regrets. That´s really the only thing I worry about.

Also last night, we taught a family, Arango, that is really great. We contacted them almost two weeks ago, but I was going to let the other elders teach them because one of the elders is also from Cali, Colombia. Yesterday we went to the same building to see if we could visit a reference we received. He wasn´t there so I thought we should just go visit the Arango family just to see. So we knocked the door and the husband, Alex, said, "Hey! It´s been a while. You never came." He makes teeth and his office is right in the entry so we sat down there. Elder Silva was in the dentist chair, I was on a very small plastic bench, the wife and daughter were seated, and Alex was standing. It was a pretty award set up, but it was such a great lesson. It was more of a discussion and it was really good. We learned about what they thought about God and everything. We were able to answer the questions he had about the church and he realized that our doctrine was very sound. They especially understood the importance of a restoration of the authority of God. We showed them the Book of Mormon and were very intrigued. Alex mentioned that he has a friend that´s an archeologist. The friend said that they´ve found artifacts that show the Ancient Indians knew about and believed in Christ before the coming of the Spaniards. He wondered how it was that Christ was flying around the world preaching while he was in Jerusalem. I was SO stoked when I heard that. We then explained that the record of the Book of Mormon is very old and was written by prophets that taught about Christ. The reason that those people believed was because of these of the prophets. They were very excited to read. We left them a passage to read and they are going to read that as well as from the beginning. They really wanted to come to church, but have to go somewhere in the morning. They´re coming for sure though next week. As we left Alex commented again that he really liked the doctrine and is very excited to come to church with us the following week. It´s such a great opportunity to sit and teach a family. I´m very excited to be able to watch them grow spiritually and receive more of the heavenly blessings.

That´s about it for the week I haven´t been able to get out to the sector this week, but Veronica is still progressing and will be baptized the 29th. We were also able to teach this little kid and his family. To be honest the mom is more interested in going to church than the boy, Jair, but he really wants to get baptized. I´m really excited for them because I see definite potential for a baptism that will have support afterward to stay active.

Have a great everyone. Love you all

Elder Vuinovic

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